Bee-Plane NGO promotes humanitarian and civile versions of Bee-Plane.

June 17/23 : Meet us in Paris, during Le Bourget Air Show

Join Bee-Plane NGO and help us build a new way to respond to environnemental and humanitarian crisis.



Drawings by students from Estaca Laval

Hospital Bee-Plane

Two chirurgical unit can be quickly deployed by air in response to an emergency. Crew is autonomous for one week with complete hospital operations.

Front of basket is made for regular medecine. Central rooms are for crew (meeting room, sleeping beds), rear of the basket contains 2 chirurgical blocks, 1 sterile room, 1 patient preparation room, 4 individuals beds and 4 additionals bed in a separated box.

After landing, basket is dropped and then can roll into its final position.

Drawings by Technoplane SAS

Lesser Open Bee License 1.3

Other civile forces versions of Bee-Plane

Water bomber, maritime surveillance

Key Words : hospital, beeplane, social impact, humanitarian deployement, environnemental crisis, air mobility, quick response force, NGO, ONG






- Promote humanitarian and civil forces versions of Bee-Plane

- Emphase Social Impact of air mobility during crisis

- Show environnemental impacts of Beeplane project

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Virtual tour of Hospital Beeplane by Estaca


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